Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's alive!!

My Monster.. reborn again.

back in March 2009 we stripped the stock wiring harness out of the bike

new mods:
2002 wiring harness ripped out and replaced with a
2000 wiring harness, with a 2001 ECU.

The regulator rectifier had to be moved from the rear of the bike to the front due to the different year wiring harness used.

we fabbed a tray for the rear electronics

Shock sock, I don't run a mud guard, so hopefully this will help my rear shock to stay a little healthier.
KOSO gauges were installed

Bit o' BMW bling! BIG THANKS to all the guys at Brooklyn Machine Works for helping!

They welded tabs for the regulator rectifier, as well as welded my relocated rear coil mount.

Also lots of suggestion, and moral support!!!!!!! Big thanks to Joe for allowing us to keep the bike in his shop for so many months and allowing full use of it!

Headers wrapped
the British gas mask was replaced with a smaller Canadian gas mask...