Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terry and I did some corner working for the CCS Races at NJMP- Lightning on June 26, 27 2010.  It was waaaay hot. (Heat index of 100 on Monday).  I was stationed at turn 10.  It was fun to see friends do well, but it was boring as well to be stuck at turn 10 (end of the "bowl" or "lightbulb").

Here's some shots from Turn 10 from Sunday, June 27.

Terry stretching out his new gloves.

The following Monday we stayed for a trackday.

So after 3 days in the sun I got heat exhaustion.  I thought I was well hydrated, as I was peeing about every 40 minutes.  But I think I cooked my brain out in the heat for the extended periods of time.

It's now wednesday and I'm feeling better..........