Sunday, August 29, 2010

baby needs some lovin'

So the GSX-R is definitely in need of some lovin'

The rear tire was shot, rear sprocket was missing teeth, chain was rusty, clip-ons missing a bolt, one of the seat bolt threads was stripped.  It needed a new exhaust can.  Hopefully the list doesn't grow too much longer.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A new Hotbodies Racing MPG Growler exhaust can was put on.   The bike came with TiForce headers which have a larger diameter than stock so the exhaust pipe inlet had to be enlarged.  This was done at a exhaust shop.  The exhaust now fits but doesn't line up to the bracket that was supplied.   But the bracket from the TiForce can lines up perfect.

Eventually I'll spray paint the bracket black

Grabbed this and we replaced the sprockets and chain.

Threw on a new rear tire as well.

I think that was all for Saturday.  Next on the list: replacing the stock front brakes with those from an R6.  Which is the same set up I have on my SV650.  Also on the list is cutting the new fairings to re-install the frame sliders  And replacing the coolant with Engine Ice.  The bike needs a new gear indicator sensor as well, and the neutral light wasn't working. On order as well are new Woodcraft cases.

New paint have to wait until winter.