Monday, September 3, 2012

4th Annual Rockers Re-union

Terry and I rode up to Connecticut, to check out the 4th Rockers Re-union.  We were invited after someone saw my bike at the NYC Vintage Motorcycle Show event the week earlier.  Terry and I hadn't been on a street ride the entire year.  It was a 2 hour ride each way,  we have been spoiled at the track going out for just 20 minutes at a stint.    We rode up the Hutch, continued up to the end of the Merrit Parkway and up J B Williams Park in Glastonbury, CT.  

 It was a nice ride up, the weather was perfect.  Rode up to the event without incident.  Met up with some old friends there, and met some new ones.  

Fun music, burlesque and great bikes.  To top it all off, my bike won an award for Best Cafe.  The trophy made from a chain and some gears is very cool.

The ride home started out well.  While refueling at the first gas station on the Merrit Parkway a Meetup of Triumph riders, 2 of which I knew from several years ago, and two I met at the event ride past.  We took off and caught up to them and rode with them on the way home.  Until about half way home when I didn't see Terry behind me.  I pulled over and we eventually met up again, after a few games of "Tag: you're it".  The zipper on his Rev-it jacket broke and he pulled off.  While we were trying to hook up again, it began POURING rain.  Luckily it was a short 10 minutes of rain and we found each other and made it home safely.