Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SV Rider's SV of the Month for October

I just got a PM over at SVRider.com informing me that my bike won the SV of the Month competition. It was a close call but my bike squeaked by to win by 4 votes!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back alley bike show

Rode out to Greenpoint, Brooklyn after work on Saturday night. Met up with the SuspectsUnlimited crew for some grub at Coco68. After BSin' and eating/drinking we headed around the corner to the 1st Annual Brooklyn Invitational Custom Motorcycle Show... wow that was a mouthful.

It was held in an abandoned industrial building which houses the Autumn Bowl skate park.

this is someone else's photo of the Autumn Bowl below.... I hadn't pulled out my camera yet to take photos... and by the time I pulled it out the bowl was filled with skaters and a band playing.

after wandering down the dirt alley we walk inside......

Though many of the bikes weren't completely functional (missing vital parts)
the creativity and artistic expression of the builders was overflowing. They were definitely machines of art.

bikes on the half pipe

Pat's former room mate built this bike

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Monticello: The South vs. The North... once again The North WINS!!!!!!!!!

The North Course was run in the (counter-clockwise) reverse direction the club normally runs it. It was awesome! It had everything you want at a track: technical sections, elevation change and better yet... elevation change with tight, technical parts!

Terry and I playing on the South Course

Playing on the North Course

Here's the view from Terry's cam while he rides the North Course:

Here's a lap with Terry on the South Course.